What is a full stack web developer

What Is It?

A full stack web developer is a person who can develop both client and server side software. Full stack developer can code in both client and server side of programming. Full stack developer also manage the software databases.

What is client side ?

In web development which is directly intract with users on users devices like mobile computer and laptops for display something, input something are called client side. For develop client side using programming languages are HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, JAVASCRIPT LIBRARIES, FRAMEWORKS.

What is server side?

Server side scripts run on the server instead of the client for exchange data from client side. In server side send data to client side and get data from client side and save it into database. Server Side Programming Languages (PHP, JAVA, NODEJS, PYTHON, ASP)

What is datebase?

Database is a system which is store the data in structured format for further retrive and for update. Program a database (SQL, SQLite, MONGODB)

CSS Libraries, Frameworks

Bootstrap (library)

Sass (Stylesheet language)

Bulma (Framework)

Less (stylesheet language)

Materialize (Framework)

JavaScript Libraries, Frameworks

React.js – Library

Vue.js – Framework

Angular – Framework

jQuery – Library

Ember.js – Framework

Web Application Framework





Ruby on Rails

Runtime Environment








Popular Stacks

Mean Stack (Mongodb, Express.js, angular, nodejs)

Mern Stack (Mongodb, Express.js, React.js, Nodejs)

Mevn Stack (Mongodb , Express.js, Vue.js, Nodejs)

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)

LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySql, PHP)

Django (Python, Django, MySql)


Web Full stack developers are master in all technologies.

They can make a prototype very rapidly.

They can provide the help to all the team members.

Full stack developer can reduce the cost of the project.

Full stack developer can better understand all aspects of new and upcoming technologies.


The solution chosen can be wrong for the project.

Being a full stack developer is increasingly complex.

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